14 CFR Part 25.787 – Stowage Compartments

Stowage Compartments

14 CFR Part 25.787:  Stowage Compartments In this post, we will dig into the next regulation, 14 CFR Part 25.787. This one is related to cabin stowage compartments. It is more relevant to the interior cabin or cargo areas of the aircraft. § 25.787 Stowage compartments. (a) Each compartment for the stowage of cargo, baggage, carry-on articles,…

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14 CFR Part 25.619-625: Fitting Factor

Fitting Factor - Fitting Installation Components

14 CFR Part 25.619 – 625:  Various Factors Including Fitting Factor In this post, we will explore the next series of regulations, 14 CFR Part 25.619 thru 625. These cover special factors, casting factor, bearing factor and fitting factor. But mainly we will focus on the “fitting factor”.  § 25.625 Fitting Factor. For each fitting (a…

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14 CFR Part 25.613 – Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials

14 CFR Part 25-613 Provides guidance on strength of materials, material design values, when to use A-Basis or B-Basis values & environmental impacts.

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14 CFR Part 25.609 – Structure Protection


14 CFR Part 25.609 Deals with Structure Protection via treatments, or physical design features. But these may have a negative side as well. Learn More…

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Pinned Truss Freebody Diagram (FBD)

Freebody Diagram (FBD)

Freebody Diagram (FBD) of a Pinned Truss In this post SG test, I wanted to discuss the freebody diagram (FBD) of a simple pinned truss. Interestingly, I had to draw this FBD in an interview a long time ago. Additionally, to learn more about the FBD of an angle bracket, check out the “Classical Hand Calculations…

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