What is Aerospace Stress Analysis

Did you ever wonder ‘What is Aerospace Stress Analysis Like’?

Yeah, I work on it every day, and if you ever wondered about it, I hope this post will shatter your doubts and make it crystal clear for you. We are talking about aerospace stress analysis, a specialized field in aerospace engineering.

OK then, let us drill down and state it in simpler terms – “Any aircraft structure, either metallic or composite, needs to sustain applied limit and ultimate loading while being safe, durable and functional in various flight and ground environments, at the same time being as light and simple in design as possible”. Pretty straight forward right?

Stress analysis is done in many different industries:

  • Aerospace – Aircraft and Rotorcraft (Commercial and Military) and Spacecraft (rockets, satellites), Missiles
  • Mechanical or Industrial: Machines, Automation Equipment
  • Civil: Building Structures, Bridges
  • Energy: Windmills, Towers
  • Construction: Cranes, Lifts and all their Machines
  • Ground Transportation: Cars, Trucks
  • Oil and Gas: Drilling Equipment
  • Rail: Rail Cars, Trains, Barges, Engines
  • Electronics: Laptops, Mobile phones (drop tests)
  • Marine: Boats, Ships, Yachts, Jet Skis, Submarines

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I could keep going like this and the list will probably keep going on as well. But the bottom line is that everything you can see around you, at some point, goes through some kind of strength and stability checks. Some are done to a relatively higher degree (example aerospace and defense) and some to a relatively lower degree (example electronics drop tests).

If you are interested in aerospace, then you will learn a lot on this website. Another important skill to be an effective stress engineer is the ability to perform classical hand calculations (click the link to go that blog post). And in today’s world of stress engineering, finite element analysis is a critical tool as well.

Here is an example of the academics required to become an entry level aerospace stress engineer: Click Here

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There are also a whole bunch of useful and technical online resources available to you absolutely free at this link, engineering resources.

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Surya Batchu
Surya Batchu

Surya Batchu is the founder of Stress Ebook LLC. A senior stress engineer specializing in aerospace stress analysis and finite element analysis, Surya has close to two decades of real world aerospace industry experience. He shares his expertise with you on this blog and the website via paid courses, so you can benefit from it and get ahead in your own career.