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Stress Analysis and Finite Element Analysis Ebook


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  • Finite Element Analysis Theory Basics, Matrix Method Overview
  • What the aircraft cabin interiors industry is all about
  • Typical manufacturer organizational structure
  • Discover the role of a stress engineer in the structure
  • Educational qualifications of a stress engineer
  • Rough income estimates and expectations for stress engineers on salary and contracting
  • Other employment and business opportunities
  • Finite Element Analysis Online Course Details
  • Value and importance of completely online courses
Click here to get it NOW...Practical real world industry approach...


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You will get a specific industry perspective in this free Stress Analysis and Finite Element Analysis Ebook.

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I found all your blogs very helpful.  I learned a lot and some of the materials give very useful insights into the aerospace industry.  I particularly enjoy all the useful educational videos included in the blogs.  Congrats on a great milestone!  Keep up the great work.

Thuyen Nguyen, Certification Engineer, USA

I like how you present the overall industry picture and specifically stress engineering. I really liked the FAA regulations and interpretations, this is generally not available on the web. Thanks so much...

Erin Ivanovic, Self Employed Independent Contractor, Ukraine

Thank you Surya, interiors is one of the fast growing fields in India. I find your website full of knowledgeable posts, well written and entertaining. Rarely do I see so many stress engineering related blog posts come together on one website for free. Looking forward to learning more in the paid courses.

Sampath Pagani, Design Engineer, Kerala, India

Surya, thank you for such detailed information in the Ebook. It really opened my eyes on the income potential in the USA for stress engineers, I had no idea. I spent a lot of time on the blog posts, very useful posts. I am definitely thinking about the FEM course.

Emoni Metumba, Senior Engineer, UK

Very useful, the Ebook, the FEM course, looking forward to more courses.

Adelaide Arbour, Aerospace Engineer, Switzerland

Hello Surya, it's a great initiative, the content in your blogs are very informative.... Currently I am working for Manufacturing Concessions, for which no FEA is required. But previously i have worked on FEA. Will surely keep updated with your blogs. Thank you, Adarsh.

Adarsh, Manufacturing Concessions Engineer, India

Dear sir, there is nobody in the whole world except few who can criticize ur efforts to help others. Ur books have text which helps us to grow technically with basic fundamentals.. Thanks and Regards, Baij

Baij, Engineer, India

Hi Surya, so far you have more or less achieved your goal to provide the best possible experience for myself on

Mohammad Rostami Barouei, Aerospace Engineer, Finland

Hello Surya, I just wanted to express my gratitude. I find your web and your videos in YouTube really useful! Kind regards, Ismael.

Ismael Blazquez, Product Development Engineer, Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
Click here to get it NOW...Practical real world industry approach...