Welcome to the Finite Element Analysis Course

The course is divided into four modules- "Introduction", "Menus", "Panes", and "Models". Each module has detailed video lessons under that module. The FEM program has many areas that are typically not used in the aircraft cabin interiors stress engineering field (e.g., dynamics, or heat transfer, or material non-linearity etc.). However, every effort has been made to cover the most commonly used commands and also less commonly used areas of the program. In addition, as needed, there may be additional files for you to download that go with each lesson. For example, a piece of geometry that you should download and use to follow along with the lesson, resulting in a better learning experience rather than simply consuming the video.

This course is mainly intended to familiarize you with the FEM program. This learning step is critical before you can really start actual structural modeling process. Therefore this course is an introductory or entry level course (our bronze level). Advanced modeling concepts and actual structure modeling will be available in the next higher level, our Silver level membership. OR in specific package membership products that may include this course as part of those packages. By the end of this course, you will gain an excellent understanding of the user interface of the FEM program which will lay the foundation for the FEM modeling of actual cabin structures.

If you have any questions on the lessons or the course, please use our CONTACT page to let us know. Since we receive a lot of requests, we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


Finite Element Analysis

Next Level Course!

The FEA course lays the foundation for the Silver level course, click the link below to learn more...

Focus Areas!

  • Graphic User Interface Layout

    Detailed overview of the FEM program’s graphic user interface.

  • Menus

    In depth coverage of the most commonly used menu items in the cabin interiors industry.

  • Window Panes

    Gain a clear understanding of the window panes for FEM data overview, extraction and manipulation.

  • Sample Models and Solutions

    At the end of the course, you will also be able to enjoy sample problem videos. I will build the models in the videos and also provide you the same model files. This will become available only at the end of the course so you can round off your course nicely with sample tutorial problems and apply what you learnt.

Bonus Features!

  • Additional Lesson Specific Downloads

    Models, geometry and other lesson related downloads at your fingertips.

  • Tips and Tricks

    Pay attention during the videos, I will teach you modeling tips and tricks that no one will teach you.

  • Value

    Similar courses will cost at least $1500 or more for a few days and cover a narrow band of topics.

  • Free Updates on New Lessons

    That’s right. If any lessons are added to this course, you will be notified of the new lesson videos, and also have anytime access to those videos as long as you are a member!