Passenger Safe Exit Following Plane Crash

I wanted to take a moment and explain to you the importance of the cabin interiors stress engineering for passenger safe exit following plane crash.

Watch this youtube video, if the video does not play, here is the link:

There are many reasons why these people were able to get out safely. At least one small part that saved their lives was the stress analysis of the plane’s cabin interior structures. Imagine poorly designed and certified bins, or galleys or bulkhead etc. If those interior structures had failed due to the crash landing inertia loads, then they would have impeded the safe egress of these passengers. Its clear from the video they only had a few minutes to get out of the plane following the crash, and this is why its important to understand the 14 CFR Part 25 regulations. Design and certification requirements are all there for very good reasons.

That’s it friends, I wanted to share this awesome video (although there was one tragic death that happened due to this crash, everyone else was safe) that demonstrates the importance of what we do for passenger safe exit following plane crash, in some ways at least….

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Surya Batchu
Surya Batchu

Surya Batchu is the founder of Stress Ebook LLC. A senior stress engineer specializing in aerospace stress analysis and finite element analysis, Surya has close to a decade and a half of real world industry experience. He shares his expertise with you on this blog and the website via paid courses, so you can benefit from it and get ahead in your own career.