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I am Surya Batchu. 

I am an expert stress engineer with close to 2 decades of aerospace structural analysis engineering experience under my belt. So welcome to my little home on the wild wild web.

If you are curious, check out my Linkedin profile for more information on my background. I worked for many companies from small businesses to multinational conglomerate giants. On this website, I try to share what I have learnt in my career with you. I mainly cover topics such as:

Finite Element Analysis

Aerostructures FE Modeling

Stress Analysis

Finite Element Analysis Online Course

My goal is to keep adding more disciplines, topics and specializations as time goes on. Feel free to check out the benefits of premium membership below.  Also check out the free technical blog.

You can also use the subscribe link at the top or bottom, or fill out the email form to subscribe and get the free Ebook, sample lesson videos and other freebies. I hope to see you soon as a premium member. Cheers!

Currently Available Online Courses

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis is a highly specialized skills subset under the stress analysis umbrella. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Modeling simply means breaking up a large structure into tiny pieces. In other words, discretizing the large structure into finite elements. These elements are part of a large library of elements found in a software program, called the FEM Pre/Post Processor (e.g. FEMAP, Patran etc.). The models are solved using the Analysis Solver (e.g. Nastran in Aerospace).

Elements are nothing but mathematical representations of structural members. You take the large structure made up of various structural members and joints, then use the appropriate element types to model that large structure. The key is to know what type of materials, properties, and element types or connections to use in the FEM program in order to properly model the structure's stiffness and behavior under loading. FEM is almost a mandatory skill in aerospace stress analysis today. The main purpose of FEA in a majority of aerospace applications is loads development.

Aircraft Structures Modeling is the application stage of finite element analysis. This is probably the most important part of the stress engineering cycle. The fact is that a majority of the effort related to stress engineering is developing accurate or close to accurate loads, at least in the aerospace industry.

Even today, the tried and tested product development cycles involve modeling of the critical structural load path members to determine the loads required for sizing. If the loads are inaccurate, the sizing will also be inaccurate, thus resulting in wasted engineering hours.

So it is critical to understand proper modeling techniques to capture the stiffness of the systems, constraints and applied loading and resulting component loads. This is what you will learn in the Aircraft Structures Modeling course.

Stress Analysis Course

Stress Analysis is a highly specialized field of mechanical or aerospace engineering. Stress analysis is all about structural analysis of different components on an aircraft. It involves sizing (for stress optimized dimensions) of components under various loads obtained from FEA and modeling, and then documenting all the analysis in the form of reports or stress notes. These reports are then later used for certification with the appropriate certifying authorities. For example, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the authority here in USA, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Europe etc., and wherever the aircraft is flying. Certification can be done by analysis or by static testing, it depends on the case.

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See What Professionals Say About the Courses

"Surya's website and online courses are of top quality. I do not know of any other similar way to get access to industrial value content. This is more or less how it is done in the industry. I took this course because I needed more knowledge of the actual stress analyst work while my past experience was in design. Although I have experience in composite design, my experience was in aero structures, I needed conversion to interiors, which I managed to do with these courses. I can say without a doubt that if you invest in this, it is money well spent but you need to plan your time to make it most effective."

Andrija Ekmedžić, Head of Engineering

This online course is well laid out and very informative, especially for an analyst in the executive aircraft interiors industry, but also for any analyst who wants to learn about FEMAP and its capabilities. The course provides clear, concise explanations and descriptions for the majority of the commands (drop-down menus, toolbars, etc.) that are used in modeling and analysis. It is a great beginners course, the building of actual models in the last few sessions really helps to tie all the lessons together, as do the instructor-provided, downloadable models presented thru-out the course. I'm looking forward to the more advances courses as they become available online."

Mike Hart Testimonial

Mike Hart

"I find that this self-paced online teaching method with detailed on screen views is a refreshing method of learning. The tuition explains the various steps in great detail and being online one can go back anytime to query or refresh what has gone before. The course acts both as a useful remainder of what I have done before and slowly introduces new and up to date concepts. I plan to continue onto the more advanced courses as they become available."

Eric Reddock Testimonial

Eric Reddock

"This course did everything right. From organization to presentation to interaction, this is a good model for what online training should be. The tutor has a very clear and concise teaching manner which works well for me. I'm going to register in Stress Ebook LLC. more advanced courses already available online."

Joaquim Borralho

Joaquim Borralho

"I am very impressed by the organized thinking process that has gone in to putting together the course subject matter and videos on FEMAP and Analysis of Aircraft Cabin Interior Structures. I think with the contents of Stress Ebook, Surya has filled a big gap in the teaching of FEMAP in the Aircraft Interiors Industry. The way he narrates is so simple and clear, that in itself will be considered a rare achievement. I wish him success all the way."

Bimal Sengupta Testimonial

Bimal Sengupta

Surya has been an inspiration and a great help to me as a working VIP Aircraft Interiors Stress Engineer. I had a 40 year+ career in the petroleum and aerospace industries before deciding to return to work as an aircraft interiors stress engineer. I needed to learn as much as possible and in a timely manner while starting a new contract stress job. Surya's Finite Element Analysis with FEMAP, Aircraft Cabin Structures Modeling, and Cabin Stress Analysis courses were precisely what I needed to acquire new proficiency. Especially important was the composites materials modeling and the specific examples Surya included in his courses. One of his examples on how to debug a failed FEM of an interiors cabinet saved me a lot of time. Surya has continued to help me months after initially enrolling as a Gold Member. He continues to answer questions that come up in my day to day work to help keep me moving forward. Very much appreciated!

Ed Cykowski

Ed Cykowski

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